Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is one of the most valuable tools a rider can possess…”
Carl Hester, Olympic Dressage Rider

Balance & Well-being for riders – sit, ride & live in balance using the Alexander-Technique

It’s as though I’m riding a different horse, no more leaning on one shoulder or rhythm mistakes as if there’d never been a problem. And the new way of sitting feels great!

Eleni, Greece

I found it confusing at the very beginning, but my horse was immediately content with the new way of me doing less while riding. Originally I only wanted to improve my seat and riding, now my back pain has disappeared as well – the best side effect as far as I’m concerned..

Katrin, Germany

Do you feel you could ride better and have a better seat? Do you sometimes feel as though, the more you try to do it right, the harder it gets? If this keeps you from enjoying your horse and your rides, the Alexander Technique is just the thing for you.

And if riding feels like a dream one day and a nightmare the next, the Alexander Technique will provide you with the tools to discover why – as well as the natural and easy way to solve your problems:

Balanced rider – balanced horse.

The criteria for a good seat are the same as those for good posture in general. Constant awareness of the way you walk or stand in your daily life is excellent training for balanced and supple riding. The correct vertical orientation of your head and trunk on the horse’s back is a posture that doesn’t only apply to riding.”

Kurt Albrecht, former head of “Spanische Hofreitschule” in Vienna



Poise & Movement Trainings with F.M. Alexander Technique offers

Clinics, private lessons & Workshops

Private lessons, regular courses &workshops for riders of all disciplines in Munich & Bad Aibling – without horses.

Training for riders’ balance & well-being according to the principles of the Alexander Technique with your own horse at your stable in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Online Courses & private lessons



My name is Maleen Schultka and I am a teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique.
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